Flow for it…

Flow is a tangible, measurable, trackable experience that is at the heart of nearly everything and anything you and I are looking to experience and have. As you will discover here at Life as a Wave, flow is the conduit for:

  • Having a smooth-running day where things get done, resources appear, and connections are made.
  • Having a clear-thinking, awake mind so you can learn better and get things done effectively and with the least amount of effort.
  • Creating optimal health and well-being.
  • And experiencing maximum enjoyment and fulfillment.

Matter of fact …

silhouetteNo better feeling…

Whether it be connecting with another, playing music, dancing, making love, or taking in the beauty of the day, being in a state of flow is at the core of these experiences. There’s a lot to explore and discover about this thing called flow, and I look forward to some very exciting things that we’re beginning to offer here at Life as a Wave!!

Being in a flow state in all we do …

binoculars and a compass on the map with sandCome Join Us …

Every week, you are invited to take part in a free webcast where we’ll explore the various concepts of Life as a Wave and how to use them in your everyday life.

The emphasis will be a “hands on” approach where we’ll apply the ideas to specific situations and will include lots of examples and on-the-spot demos with willing participants. Got something on your mind? A pressing need? Something that needs attention asap? Get in the hot seat and let’s get busy!

Note: If you can, before the webcast, take a look at the free Guide to Life as a Wave: 4 Principles of Rhythm and Flow that you’ll receive when you get on the webcast list (below). It’s a great preview of the key concepts and  overview of the game at play!

What are you working on?

The following is a sampling of what Life as a Wave offers:

  • Improve your state of mind, mood, and well-being
  • Tap the power of your mind
  • Manage your energy more effectively
  • Sharpen your memory, clarity, and focus
  • Experience new levels of creative expression
  • Increase your ability to learn new skills, sports, and other abilities
  • Master your talent and passion
  • Work with problems more effectively
  • Pick up on signals and cues from your intuition

A few key distinctions that make up the framework …

The concepts are easy to understand, yet VERY powerful when used as a foundation for everything you do. The following is a small sample of Life as a Wave concepts:

  • Life Wants One Thing – more life! It wants to move, grow, and expand, and everything you do, say, and think either allows or restricts this movement.
  • Yes vs. No – the only 2 possible reactions to what’s happening in the moment that directly and instantly affects your …
  • State of Mind – everything begins and ends with the mind. Your energy, vitality, clarity, focus, engagement, and satisfaction all depend on your current state.
  • Wave Maps – a useful tool to help provide a way to gauge your current state of mind.
  • Mind as Movie –  the number one skill you need to “step outside the effects of your mind” and the unnecessary obstacles it creates.
  • The Reframe – one of many ways to perceive what you experience in a different way to help raise your state of mind and create movement in your life.


Time: Tuesdays at 4pm EST

You will be given login details for the webcast when you register for the event. A recording of the webcasts will be available as well.

Let’s do it …

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